July 29 and 30, 2017 – Temple Fundraiser

This event titled the Indo-American Fair helped raise money towards developing our local temple. In this fair, I teamed up with two other high school students, manned a stall, and in two days (14 hrs.), we raised over $600 for the temple. The most out of all the stalls. (Even more than the food stall.) This was possible thanks to ballooning. This experience contributed to helping the temple expand its services and provided me with a stronger understanding of how to create these balloon figures that everyone wanted. With demands for various figures, I am continuing, to further my scope of ballooning. In the process, I really became engaged with the activity. This being the first actual balloon twisting activity really showed me what I could do with this talent. I just had to acquire the motivation.

The Experience

I have volunteered at my local temple since I was 12. From scrubbing the walls clean to knitting beanies for the less fortunate, I have been an active member of my local community. A little less than a year ago, I was introduced to ballooning through the temple. At the time, I wondered how I could use this skill. In less than a year, I realized that it is a skill that can help so many people.

The Cause

I’ve been a member of the temple and community since I was a toddler. Witnessing the transition from a small, one-room temple to a currently grand, large, and authentic temple, I have developed a strong connection to the temple. With this, I love to volunteer and love making balloons for little kids. I am happy to say that the proceeds of the event really helped the temple out.

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