September 9, 2019 – Children’s Health Center

Here I got to experience how workplace functions first hand as I sat at the main desk with nurses and doctors in the office. (This pediatric health care office was quite big.) This opportunity that I’ve set-up will be a weekly thing. I will post blogs from time to time about this. Just as I teach kids at my temple weekly, this also will be one extra ballooning experience which will allow me to deal with kids and gain exposure to the work world.

The location is The Children’s Health Center right off of NJ-35.

At first, I felt awkward making balloons in front of professionals who were doing their very serious job. However, I think I’ve adapted to this and I realized that they are all welcoming – except when a balloon pops. Just kidding!

So far, I’ve just been making simple balloons for the experience and giving either a flower bracelet, dog, tiger, or sword to patients. This is simply because it is a grab-and-go style. It has been working out and people have been appreciative. I might change the style and make more grandiose balloons as I do during parties, however, the grab-and-go style is much better because every now and then, a nurse will be running out of a room to grab a balloon for a crying kid. It works well when kids are receiving vaccines etc.

I am truly excited for weeks to come as this will add to my experience and give back to kids at the doctor’s office. And we all know – most kids don’t want to be at the doctor’s office. So again, hopefully, balloons will put smiles on some faces.

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