September 23, 2019 – CHC (Visit 3)

This visit was a lot of fun and amusing as shown through the following experience.

Two kids, twins, came in as I was sitting down making some balloons. They seemed to be at the office for a yearly checkup as they were getting their heights and weights checked. They were super curious asking about what the machines did and how to use them. Inside their room, a nurse was showing the kids how to take blood pressure which was really cool! However, they’re curiosity and enthusiasm did not last forever. Like most other kids, they started getting extremely upset and crying about the vaccines they were getting. I felt so bad as I could only listen, but I knew they would appreciate the balloons when it was over so I just waited.

And of course, they loved the balloons. The first twin came out crying and grabbed all 5 balloons that were on the counter. He went back in and I laughed in amusement that he fit so many balloons in his hands. When the second twin came out, he took some of his brother’s balloons and grabbed the 2 new ones I had made (for him). It was an amusing sight to see as they quickly stopped crying after their shots and after they received plenty of balloons. This event during my visit this week really made me feel good about what I’m doing; at times, it can feel awkward.

This was the best visit yet to CHC!

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