September 21, 2018 – Village Elementary School Fall Festival

I came to this event as a volunteer and volunteered for 3 hours.

Within the first 3 minutes of setting up the table, kids realized what I was doing and immediately hopped in line. As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be exactly like Earth Day in April: no breaks (check blog post).

I learned from the kids how to be persistent. One kid continuously asked me for an ankylosaurus. I need to learn how to make that!

At 7:00, I was supposed to leave, but the line continued. So I decided that it would be worth my time to stay and make balloons for all the kids remaining in line. And of course, because of that, even more kids joined the line. This was one of the most bustling experiences for me, but I really enjoyed making various balloons. It crushed me every time I had to say no to a very specific and unique balloon request. However, I got an idea for what kids of specific ages want.

This was the first school I went to from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. It was extremely rewarding to give back to my own community again.

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