September 21, 2018 – Village Elementary School Fall Festival

I came to this event as a volunteer and volunteered for 3 hours.

Within the first 3 minutes of setting up the table, kids realized what I was doing and immediately hopped in line. As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be exactly like Earth Day in April: no breaks (check blog post).

I learned from the kids how to be persistent. One kid continuously asked me for an ankylosaurus. I need to learn how to make that!

At 7:00, I was supposed to leave, but the line continued. So I decided that it would be worth my time to stay and make balloons for all the kids remaining in line. And of course, because of that, even more kids joined the line. This was one of the most bustling experiences for me, but I really enjoyed making various balloons. It crushed me every time I had to say no to a very specific and unique balloon request. However, I got an idea for what kids of specific ages want.

This was the first school I went to from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. It was extremely rewarding to give back to my own community again.

September 15, 2018 – Liv Nut Free Bakery Grand Opening

I am extremely grateful to have been a part of a bakery’s grand opening. I, myself am allergic to nuts, so I appreciate what the bakery stood for – having those with nut allergies “enjoy the sweet stuff in life.”

The turnout was quite incredible and I was happy making whatever balloons the kids asked for.

This was also the first time I was hired for an event. Someone had recommended me to the bakery’s owner which is how I was able to partake in this event.

I 10 out of 10 recommend Liv Nut Free Bakery to anyone as the food is delicious.

August 29, 2018 – Bell Works Fresh Market

This event doesn’t fail to provide success. I had an incredible number of customers who all bought multiple balloons. The price was $2 or $3 depending on the balloon and I got many people to take business cards. I am happy with the way it turned out. Unfortunately, that was my last Fresh Market event until next year. It was a great experience and I am happy that I spent some time of my summer at three Fresh Markets. I would like to also emphasize that I am learning to be more outgoing. Many people looked and once I asked them what they would like, they actually gave me business. Chances are, they would have kept walking otherwise. Through the three fresh markets, I learned a lot about how to sell.

June 20, 2018 – Bell Works Fresh Market

This event was GREAT! I was surrounded by local craftsmen with all of their interesting items they had to sell. The person next to me was a mushroom connoisseur and someone else was selling tie-dye tank-tops (I bought 2). The environment was extremely lively with music and colors from my balloons :).

What happened:

This event went well considering it was the first Fresh Market I participated in.


In the beginning, I set up the table with an attractive blue table-cloth, many sample balloons, and this poster:

I feel that the poster helped get people to come because it showed the various creations I could make along with sample images. I even made real balloons which I showcased on the table. I think that my set up is really what got me the sales I wanted.

In the end, many had bought the balloons and some were interested in birthday parties – they took my card. This was a satisfying and rewarding experience.

April 29, 2018 – Earth Day Festival

This festival was a blast to be in!

From 1:00 to 5:00, non-stop people were in line ready to ask for a balloon. This festival was special because it was the first one that I presented my flower bracelet to the public. And you guessed it: It was the most popular balloon art piece for girls and grown women alike. I figured out a new way to get the audience involved other than them just receiving the balloon. Because the flower is a bracelet, I wrapped it around each person’s wrist to “measure” it. Really it is the same measurement for everyone, but this makes the little girls each feel special making the experience more fun.

Outside of the ballooning, for this event, I brought business cards for birthday parties that I made and put them on the table. Many, many people took them. Hopefully, I will see good results this summer.


March 10, 2018 – Maker’s Day

In a local public library, I spent 2 and a half hours making various designs for the community. It was a lively, and festive environment suitable for such a fun, and especially colorful talent. People stopped by my station and asked for balloon creations. The highlight of this event was the bow and arrow.

The bow and arrow actually shoots if you launch it correctly so the balloons absolutely dominated the field.

Another big thing that occurred in this event is that my pump broke. This was a big show stopper. I had a really tiny pump with me as a backup, but it did not help much. It pumped really slowly and was ineffective. Luckily, my parents had gone to purchase a new pump and they came back surprisingly quickly. (Thank You!) The show had once again started!

Another problem I ran into was that my hands started to hurt due to some callouses. I learned to put lotion on my hands before balloon twisting as my hands dry up fast. Although my hands hurt while twisting, it showed me that I should be prepared for anything.

This was a really fun experience in which I learned to always be prepared for anything. The audience comes first so I need to be ready with everything of mine. The performer, or creator, should not be the one stopping the show. I learned a valuable lesson and I will definitely be smarter before departing for the events to come.

February 13, 2018; March 25, 2018

These two days were the first and second times that I had ever tried to create my own “inventions.” By this I mean, I was put up to the challenge of creating my own figures which would be made in the events.

The two creations were a trident and a bow and arrow. This was in my temple and these two creations were related to each Hindu holiday respectively. I did not know how to make either of these and the administrator had asked me to try and find a way to twist balloons into these shapes. The trident took me a while to figure out, but after experimenting and applying skills I had previously learned, I managed to create a trident-looking balloon. The bow and arrow required the borrowing of a peer balloon artist’s idea, but I designed it into my own version. I am happy with the way both turned out. Especially since the bow and arrow actually shoots the ‘arrow’ balloon far.

The reason I love ballooning is that kids love it. I love teaching them how to shoot the arrow from the bow and letting them pick out colors and create stories about their figure/animal. It is heartwarming to see small children smile and feel special when receiving balloons. I feel that this is one step closer to making a difference in society because I bring smiles to children’s faces all over the community creating a better environment. One step at a time.

July 29 and 30, 2017 – Temple Fundraiser

This event titled the Indo-American Fair helped raise money towards developing our local temple. In this fair, I teamed up with two other high school students, manned a stall, and in two days (14 hrs.), we raised over $600 for the temple. The most out of all the stalls. (Even more than the food stall.) This was possible thanks to ballooning. This experience contributed to helping the temple expand its services and provided me with a stronger understanding of how to create these balloon figures that everyone wanted. With demands for various figures, I am continuing, to further my scope of ballooning. In the process, I really became engaged with the activity. This being the first actual balloon twisting activity really showed me what I could do with this talent. I just had to acquire the motivation.

The Experience

I have volunteered at my local temple since I was 12. From scrubbing the walls clean to knitting beanies for the less fortunate, I have been an active member of my local community. A little less than a year ago, I was introduced to ballooning through the temple. At the time, I wondered how I could use this skill. In less than a year, I realized that it is a skill that can help so many people.

The Cause

I’ve been a member of the temple and community since I was a toddler. Witnessing the transition from a small, one-room temple to a currently grand, large, and authentic temple, I have developed a strong connection to the temple. With this, I love to volunteer and love making balloons for little kids. I am happy to say that the proceeds of the event really helped the temple out.