October 14, 2019 – CHC

This visit was quite fun as it was busy with school being off. I have been going to the center quite often, but have not been posting every visit.

However, this Monday was a fun experience as I made various balloons and enthusiastic patients were eager to take the balloons home. One patient had actually expressed interest as she walked into a room before her appointment was over. I decided to make a large star balloon for her when finished. However, upon receipt of the balloon, it popped. I had finished my time and was about to leave. I had a few other balloons there so she took one of those as I fixed the balloon star. I realized that you have to be patient with kids as they’ll grow attached to something really quickly so when something goes wrong, you need to be able to make them happy again. This taught me a lesson in a way and I am happy that I was able to volunteer this Monday and help some sick kids out.

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