November 5, 2019 – CHC

This was probably the busiest day so far at the pediatric center. When I say busiest, I mean busiest for me as the balloon maker. Although the number of patients was not very high, all the patients were the perfect age for balloons and showed a lot of excitement.

As soon as I entered, two kids came out and immediately asked for balloons. Not more than five minutes later, another family with three kids finished their appointment and they all wanted balloons. That, itself, was a great start to the time I’d be there. One four year old was crying and screaming after her vaccine – it was very loud. I felt super happy after giving her a flower bracelet because almost immediately, she stopped crying.

The children came out of their appointments in waves. Suddenly, 3 rooms would open up and kids would want balloons. This is why I had to premake balloons many times. Kids could grab them and go. (I’ve been going twice a week and hope for this to continue. ) Ultimately, I learned a lot from this experience and can say that everyone loved the balloons.

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