May 4, 2019 – Communion Party

I was hired by a mother who saw me at a different event and took my business card. There were around 10 kids there and many enthusiastic adults. The mother herself asked for a balloon hat and so did a few other adults. I had fun with making various kinds of hats which I had never done before.

The kids, who received many, many balloons would draw all over them and have fun. The boy of the day who’s communion was being celebrated was extremely nice and talkative. (He was much more patient than the average “customer”) This was a different, but fun experience in which there was no pressure to twist the balloons extra quick. No line, just a few kids asking for random balloons at someone’s home.

I really enjoyed this because two kids there would come and ask to pump the balloons up themselves. In fact, one tried to “attack” me with a balloon snake which he so beautifully decorated with some provided sharpies.

10/10 would be hired for home events again. I am glad this first one was great!

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