March 10, 2018 – Maker’s Day

In a local public library, I spent 2 and a half hours making various designs for the community. It was a lively, and festive environment suitable for such a fun, and especially colorful talent. People stopped by my station and asked for balloon creations. The highlight of this event was the bow and arrow.

The bow and arrow actually shoots if you launch it correctly so the balloons absolutely dominated the field.

Another big thing that occurred in this event is that my pump broke. This was a big show stopper. I had a really tiny pump with me as a backup, but it did not help much. It pumped really slowly and was ineffective. Luckily, my parents had gone to purchase a new pump and they came back surprisingly quickly. (Thank You!) The show had once again started!

Another problem I ran into was that my hands started to hurt due to some callouses. I learned to put lotion on my hands before balloon twisting as my hands dry up fast. Although my hands hurt while twisting, it showed me that I should be prepared for anything.

This was a really fun experience in which I learned to always be prepared for anything. The audience comes first so I need to be ready with everything of mine. The performer, or creator, should not be the one stopping the show. I learned a valuable lesson and I will definitely be smarter before departing for the events to come.

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