June 20, 2018 – Bell Works Fresh Market

This event was GREAT! I was surrounded by local craftsmen with all of their interesting items they had to sell. The person next to me was a mushroom connoisseur and someone else was selling tie-dye tank-tops (I bought 2). The environment was extremely lively with music and colors from my balloons :).

What happened:

This event went well considering it was the first Fresh Market I participated in.


In the beginning, I set up the table with an attractive blue table-cloth, many sample balloons, and this poster:

I feel that the poster helped get people to come because it showed the various creations I could make along with sample images. I even made real balloons which I showcased on the table. I think that my set up is really what got me the sales I wanted.

In the end, many had bought the balloons and some were interested in birthday parties – they took my card. This was a satisfying and rewarding experience.

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