February 13, 2018; March 25, 2018

These two days were the first and second times that I had ever tried to create my own “inventions.” By this I mean, I was put up to the challenge of creating my own figures which would be made in the events.

The two creations were a trident and a bow and arrow. This was in my temple and these two creations were related to each Hindu holiday respectively. I did not know how to make either of these and the administrator had asked me to try and find a way to twist balloons into these shapes. The trident¬†took me a while to figure out, but after experimenting and applying skills I had previously learned, I managed to create a trident-looking balloon. The bow¬†and arrow required the borrowing of a peer balloon artist’s idea, but I designed it into my own version. I am happy with the way both turned out. Especially since the bow and arrow actually shoots the ‘arrow’ balloon far.

The reason I love ballooning is that kids love it. I love teaching them how to shoot the arrow from the bow and letting them pick out colors and create stories about their figure/animal. It is heartwarming to see small children smile and feel special when receiving balloons. I feel that this is one step closer to making a difference in society because I bring smiles to children’s faces all over the community creating a better environment. One step at a time.

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