August 17, 2019 – LightBridge Pre-School Academy Grand Opening

This was a 4-hour experience which I absolutely loved. As it was a grand opening, kids would come into the room every now and then and play with all the toys and crafts available. I met kids and had conversations with them to keep them busy as their parents were exploring the preschool. Again, I noticed the “herd” behavior as many families would come in at once and then nobody would come in for the next 10 minutes. However, I liked this “traffic pattern” as it gave me time to decorate and make the balloon section so much better.

Everyone got balloons of their favorite colors and received whatever they wanted. I used the menu for this event, which helped make it easier for kids to decide what they wanted. I would say the most popular balloon for this event was the master sword (in the picture) and the tiger.

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