August 10, 2019 – Birthday Party

Ready to make balloons for the party!

Another great experience – all the kids were excited and asked for so many balloons at a time. To begin, I prepared a special hat for the birthday boy before he and his friends entered the room. They had been swimming and it was apparently a surprise that I would be making balloons for them.

In just one hour, I exhausted nearly 2 full packs of balloons which is crazy! The age was around 6 years old and the most popular balloons were the “master sword” and flower bracelet. It’s really interesting how when the first person gets something cool, it is exactly what everyone wants: no matter how cool the other balloons may be. I am happy with how the party went as the kids all left extremely happy and we had very few pops.

By the end, the birthday boy did not have anything special yet so I gave him a battle-axe and made sure he ran away feeling happy. Hopefully, this experience will give me more business in the future.

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