April 29, 2018 – Earth Day Festival

This festival was a blast to be in!

From 1:00 to 5:00, non-stop people were in line ready to ask for a balloon. This festival was special because it was the first one that I presented my flower bracelet to the public. And you guessed it: It was the most popular balloon art piece for girls and grown women alike. I figured out a new way to get the audience involved other than them just receiving the balloon. Because the flower is a bracelet, I wrapped it around each person’s wrist to “measure” it. Really it is the same measurement for everyone, but this makes the little girls each feel special making the experience more fun.

Outside of the ballooning, for this event, I brought business cards for birthday parties that I made and put them on the table. Many, many people took them. Hopefully, I will see good results this summer.


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